Ritz-Carlton Just Minutes To Memories

Agency: Team One USA
Direction: Drew Shook, Rachel Crain
Illustration, Concepts: Michael Arnold

Team One USA approached me in 2017 to work with them on their new campaign for Cleveland's Ritz-Carlton Hotel that was re-opening after refurbishments. The Minutes To Memories campaign also wanted to tie in the rejuvination of Downtown Cleveland by placing The Ritz at the centre of the bustling and upcoming district. I asked to create visuals for 9 ads to be used across OHH/Social Media and a Map of Cleveland for each guest of the hotel.

Whether it's Advertising or Editorial, the process is the same. Each image starts with fast and increasingly surreal thumbnails.

Happily, I was given a lot of freedom by Team One to approach it as I saw fit - firstly we explored the route of creating large scale compositions focussed on people that were positioned in symetrical patterns that could be repeated in eavery direction allowing us to highlight the number of great things to do within reach. However, working with the team we quickly settled on a much more graphic approach instead opting on some earlier sketches that showcased cleaner and wittier compositions.

A set of icons was needed for each noteworthy Landmark along side a simple graphic map of Downtown Cleveland which was given to each guest upon arriving in their rooms. I developed a paired back and classically styled map that referenced Cleveland's Nautical heritage but was within keeping of the hotel. The maps were given to each guest upon arrival and served to highlight The Ritz-Carlton perfect proximity to Cleveland's attractions.