Tickets Please! Short Film Festival Rejected Identity Pitch

Direction & Concept: Michael Arnold

Film Use For Demonstration: Alice - Gregory Oke,
Leroy - Marley Morrison,
Hymns Of Muscovy - Dimitri Venkov,
On The Surface - Anna Blandford,
This Magnificent Cake! - Marc James Roels & Emma De Swaef

At the beginning of the year I worked on a pitch for a Short Film Festival in 2020. Ultimately rejected, the concept comprised of working with two central design elements, an experimental use of typography and the Ticket motif. Early on in the project research striking on images of vintage cinema ticket stubs - the electric colours, the distinctive yet abstract shapes and the potential canvas seemed like a great fit.

The identity needed to strike the line between playful, experimental and approachable - it seemed to me that previous years had accomplished the experimental ethos of the festival, often focussing on de-saturated palettes and grittier compositions, but were lacking in the approachability aspect that I felt was essential to bringing in more casual viewers who might be put off by the 'Art House' style delivered previously.

Initially, the usage of the typography featured much more heavily however it became apparent that to create a concept around such experimental typography would cause problems with the festival's in-house design team when designing along side the identity. Coupled with observation that the type had a tendancy to become overwhelming; the priority of the two design elements was swapped around to make the Ticket motif the leading actor of the aesthetic with the type providing supporting role.

This allowed us to make much more use out of the abstract Ticket shapes and giving us the flexibility to use them across a range of different outputs such as; a graphic obect itself, a tag to display featured venues and as a framework to show stills or film clips through. For top priority information the type would be playfull and appropriately constructed and animated for each individual usage.