Ukrainian Demographics

Much has been made of the sense of Ukrainian identity since the invasion by Russia began. President Putin believed he could fool the Russian people into believing he was liberating a country of hostages, whilst at the same time attempting to convince Ukrainians themselves that they were not a legitimate country.

Instead, Ukrainians armed themselves to defend their country, their identity and their heritage.

The UNHCR estimates over 1 million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries but a story is starting to surface repeatedly of the racism that Afro-Ukranians, Nigerians, Arabic and Middle Eastern citizens are facing in their attempts to flee. In the dust of conflict this group of Ukrainians are still seen as ‘other’.

PS. *Other is likely to include those who identify as Caribbean, Nigerian, Afro-Ukranian and other non-European nationalities.

Though the data from this census is outdated (2001) the population has decreased and is unlikely to have become more diverse in the years since.